Our experienced team will manage the entire planning and consent phase so you don’t have to.

That means, once we have a finalised set of detailed designs, our experienced team will put together all the construction and engineering details and submit the plans to the council for resource and building consent.

While we’re working behind the scenes to ensure everything is in order to finalise the plans for consent, it’s time to work on the interiors. This is arguably the best part of the design process, and it’s where we bring in another team of professionals - interior designers, kitchen and bathroom designers and landscape specialists.

These interior specialists will work with you to create bespoke spaces designed specifically for you and your family. You’ll be involved in the entire process, from choosing a bathtub through to the selecting the light fittings - if you’d like to be. If not, we’re here to do it for you and present you with a set of plans for you to approve or amend.


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They led us through a complex process and made the journey easy and enjoyable.
— The Humphries