Designing your home


Be it the manner the roof aligns with the subtle contours of the landscape, or the juxtaposition of materials used to create a stunning facade, no detail is overlooked when designing your home.

The primary aim for every house we build is to seamlessly combine design and function to create a home that meets the individual needs of every client.

To achieve this, our design team will spend time with you discussing the brief and pulling together as much information as possible covering design aims, functional requirements, site details, budget and materiality. Then, we’ll pair you up with one of our designers who specialises in the style of home you’re after.

At this stage, having an inspiration or mood board with a collection of images that depict some of the elements you want your design to achieve is a great way to help illustrate your aims to the designer.

You will then be presented with an initial concept, which is both a visual representation of what’s possible based on the brief and a document to incite further discussion and refine the design. From here, we will put together a final concept and a fixed-price contract for the entire project.

Following this, we move on to the detailed design phase where a more detailed set of drawings and plans are put together. Once approved, the detailed plans will be submitted for consent. You will also be provided with a draft Master Build contract for your approval at this stage.  

If you already have designs, be it a full set of consented drawings or an initial concept only, we can start the design journey from whatever stage you’ve reached so far.


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Their attention to detail, military-like timekeeping, and quality totally surpassed all of my expectations
— Sang Ryoo