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Multi-Unit Dwellings

Multi-unit dwellings are a growing trend in Auckland as we look to accommodate a larger population in the same land area.

Living in higher density is a concept that many New Zealanders are not used to, however that’s slowly changing as we look overseas for inspiration about contemporary housing and living in smaller spaces. 

“In Auckland, the Unitary Plan and different zoning has changed the landscape for multi-unit dwellings, opening up pockets of land that could not previously be developed to the level they can now,” The House Company’s Philip Powney says.


What to consider when planning a multi-unit development

The most important thing when embarking on a multi-unit project is to ensure the right professionals are involved from the outset as these types of projects can require more extensive planning in order to comply with relevant legislation. 

“While multi-unit dwellings are a great opportunity, there is a lot to consider in the planning stages and it can take longer to reach the consenting stage before building can start,” Philip says.

“In order to build multi-unit dwellings, there needs to be a capacity within the existing services and infrastructure of the locality, so it is important to have the experts involved right from the get go to ensure a smooth and efficient planning phase and subsequent build.”

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