Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions, the following will help to provide a better understanding of the building process as well as how The House Company can help you develop your Dream Home.


What is The House Company?

The House Company are Design & Build specialists.  We create personalised, award winning homes. Working with our designers, we will help you develop a completely new concept that is individual to your needs and budget or you can adapt one of our standard plans to suit your own individual wish list.

What is the difference between The House Company and other building companies?

At The House Company our aim is to create a unique home for every client that would not only provide stylish shelter but would also reflect your own unique personality and lifestyle whilst still paying attention to the budget constraints and wish list.

Building with The House Company  ensures you are working with an experienced team of professionals from start to finish, flexibility of design and a Guaranteed Fixed Price Contract.

We have the ability to take on a range of projects such as challenging sites, subdivisional work, eco homes and remove and re-builds thanks to our expert team.


What year were you established?

The House Company  started in 1989 and have quickly established themselves as market leaders in quality home design; striving over the years to provide confidence and security.

What area do you build in?

Central Auckland - Whangarei

Do you build outside this area?

We would be happy to assess any requests on a case by case basis.

Are you a member of the Master Builders Association?

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Yes we are, please click here for further information on the MasterBuild Guarantee.

We provide a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee with each of our new homes.

What plans do you have available?

We have a large collection of floor plans as well as an extensive Design & Build library. We dont have brochure and books for you to take away with you as each home is customized to suit your section, budget, wishlist and lifestyle. We design your dream home from scratch at no extra cost. 

Do you have a showhome that can be viewed?

Our showhomes range from our standard quality spec to full architectural designer homes. Please contact us to make an appt at one close to you

How much per square meter do you charge?

The cost of your new home will depend on a number of factors, the land, home design, level of inclusions and the type of materials you wish to use. This can be anywhere from $1800- $3500/ sq metre

Do you build on sloping or difficult sites?

Yes we do, in fact The House Company is known for building stunning homes on challenging sections.

What materials do you use?

There are various materials available today such as brick & tile, weatherboard, shadowclad, plastered exteriors or timber.  Whatever you desire, all our homes are designed to take advantage of the New Zealand climate.

What energy efficiency measures does The House Company use?

All of our homes are designed naturally to reach the Homestar equivalent of a 4 star home. 

Our approach to being sustainable comes from the long term benefits for all involved. Buildings account for 45% of all energy output, so they are a natural place to start when thinking about sustainability.

All our concepts are designed to incorporate standard sustainable features which meet the NZ Green building council standards. Such as capturing natural sun light to collect and disperse heat, using windows in the appropriate places for natural ventilation, LED lights, waste management systems and many more. There are no limits and the amount of sustainable features varies from each client.

How do you work?

The House Company is a 'one stop shop' with a selection of skilled architects, consultants, designers, engineers, interior decorators, quantity surveyors, project managers and builders, an experienced team working to meet all your needs when building your new home.  We endeavor to create an experience that enables you to enjoy every aspect of designing and building your new home.  You will always be assured of our dedication and total commitment to you and your investment.

Please refer to our process above for more information or call us on 0800 600 620 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members. 

How long does it take to build my Dream Home?

Timeframes will depend on a number of aspects such as the size, materials you wish to use and of course the design.  Once we have an idea of what you wish to build our Consultants will be able to provide a guideline from start to finish.

Can you price our own plan?

Absolutely. We frequently price concepts as well as full working drawings for clients that have completed the design process with an independent architect.

What advice can you give me about purchasing a site?

Any of our experienced team would be happy to discuss purchasing a site as well as the type of home that would be suitable for the site.  

I have a site already what is the next step?

Please get in touch with us so we can learn more about your site and wish list and book in a complimentary site visit. 

0800 600 620