Demolish and Rebuild

If a section has more to give than an existing house, a demolish and rebuild project can provide a golden opportunity to build a new home in a known environment. In this way, a client can be familiar with a site, understand its features, drawbacks and what could be done better in a new build. There are often vast advantages when building to demolish on a known site rather than starting afresh on a new site. It can sometimes also open up opportunities to subdivide a site.


demolision of an existing home in omaha

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OMAHA Demolish and re-build

Chris and Leigh’s initial request was to remove an existing leaky home on their property and for their new house to be a timeless design, a family home that was classic yet remained modern. This section situated in Omaha close to the beach front needed a strong indoor outdoor flow, with outside living areas on both sides of the house due to wind exposure. The roof is visible from the popular Omaha boat ramp so it needed a strong design, this was an important element has it also needed to let as much sun as possible into the house.

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BEFORE – The original house

after – gold award winning home