• "Becky & I selected 'The House Company' based on the uniqueness and quality of the Warkworth showhome. 'The House Company' Built us a beautiful home that is completely unique. They were more than willing to accept that we had exacting standards for fittings, fixtures and worked well with us to allow our supply process. Having exacting and professional design consultants and project manager made the process flow"

    Chris Goode & Becky Swan
  • "Dear Hamish, and all of your team,

    May we congratulate you, on the timely and trouble free completion of another home, built beautifully for us by The House Company. We hope we can outline our thanks, and appreciation in the following thoughts.

    Having recently returned to New Zealand after several years away, we found the house hunting process unsatisfactory. Our thoughts and inclinations turned into building. Where to start? Of course we heard dire warnings from friends of delays, mistakes, short cuts by 'subbies', and escalating costs. Research, comparisons, a good idea of what we wanted plus a dash of instinct, led us to The House Company.

    The total experience from initial talks with The House Company consultant, to the handing over of our keys, was nothing short of excellence in action!

    Plans were drawn in consultation with us, small changes cheerfully made, honest and well founded advice given. We don't think we were on another planet... we just found a really great and professional company to deliver our dream.

    The standards stated by The House Company are highly commendable, and certainly adhered to. The interest, and friendliness shown from everyone at head office and on site, was very genuine and much appreciated by us. Questions were encouraged and answered quickly and cheerfully, politeness is second nature.

    The building supervisor cannot be credited enough! Qualified, experienced, with an eye for every minor detail. His rapport with all the 'subbies' and their respect in return was obvious. His on site assistance and his suggestions contributed enormously to our confidence. Nor did he mind our somewhat frequent visits, at least, we don't think he did!

    The house itself has been soundly built, and beautifully finished. We are really delighted with the way it works for us, sits on the site, and offers all we wanted. Would we build with The House Company again? Absolutely! We have no hesitation in recommending you most highly, to anyone wanting a great home, and happy building!"

    Rosalie & Bill Robertson
  • "We have never built before, and were quite apprehensive after only hearing horror stories from others. However our experience from meeting with Peggy and chatting to Kathy to our meeting with the architect, our colour consult: everything was done very professionally. We felt everyone listened and gave us expert advice on the best way to proceed. Throughout the build, Paul was an absolute pleasure to deal with giving us tips on improvements. The building site was always kept clean and tidy. Even our neighbors commented on this and said to their builders they should take a leaf out of your book..."

    Benny & Nas Wentzel
  • We would highly recommend The House Company to anyone wanting to build their new home. From the moment we met Peggy through to the day of handover everything ran smoothly and nothing was ever a problem. Our new home has been completed to a very high standard with no dramas along the way.
    Everyone that we had to deal with throughout the process was professional, helpful and supportive of our ideas whilst offering their professional advice which in our minds is first class! We have always said we would only ever build a house once after all the horror stories you hear, but now we would happily build again, but it would only be done by The House Company!! Thanks Hamish and your wonderful team! See you for our next build!!

  • We have no hesitation in recommending The House Company. Our house build project was more complex than average but The House Company staff managed it professionally and showed a high level of commitment to getting it right.

    Graeme & Margaret Don
  • This building had been a challenge right from the start due to its complexity and the fact that offsite architectural services had been involved.
    The House Company rose to the challenge and have been on top of things acting swiftly on all issues that they came across during the building process.
    Communication was always clear and the involvement of construction management was professional and dedicated to the job with excellent customer service.
    We also enjoyed great support and assistance from the staff at The House Company office.
    We are delighted to state that the standard of service and workmanship is very high and we are satisfied with the outcome. We recommend The House Company to other potential clients.

    Peter & Charlotte Stadler
  • The House Company has built us a lovely home. Visitors have made excellent comments and we receive lots of praise about the house. Many have remarked about how comfortably it sits on the site. Martin (our designer) took my conventional plan and turned it into the lovely home we now have. Many thanks to The House Company team.

    Maureen Daniels
  • We would have no hesitation in recommending The House Company to anyone wanting to undertake building a new home. For the Robson family it was a top notch experience. Our new home has a very high standard of finish throughout. Thank you again

    Dale & Tracey Robson
  • The team at The House Company has done an outstanding job managing and constructing my first dream home. It came under budget, on time and they could have not been easier to deal with. Attention to detail, military like time keeping, many times surpassing expected quality. These are honest professional people that I wont hesitate to build with again in the future. I value our friendship we have enjoyed throughout this build and hope to build again with you when the time comes. You deserve every success

    Sang Ryoo
  • We had looked at many open homes, just couldn’t find one that suited us or in our price range. So armed with our notes, rough sketches and scrap book, with all the favourite things we liked in a home, we went around a few building companies.
    Many just wanted to build with their own plans and didn’t even want to consider the landscape, or the land it was going to be built on.
    Others wouldn’t even look at our ideas and assured us they could build the house of our dreams they wouldn’t even hint at how it would look.
    Then we went into ‘The house company’s (Rodney) show home at 8 Laura Jane Drive, Millwater. Ron (sales consultant) listened to what we wanted and looked over our ideas. He even did some rough sketches for us to get an idea that we were on the same wave length.
    Great!!! When he came out to the section, he was enthusiastic and offered some great advice, which was exactly what we needed.
    Our journey had finally begun. I’d heard so many horror stories, but I think we were very lucky as nothing seemed too hard for ‘The House Company’ team and it all went very smoothly.
    The final design is very close to what we originally had in mind. Our original design was way too expensive with too many corners and levels, but with the help of Paul Chapman and the team we arrived at what is the house of our dreams. Paul Chapman really knew his stuff and managed to secure some awesome deals for us. Our original plan was simplified and Paul came up with something within our budget without comprising on the main ideas. We loved it.
    The house went together very smoothly with a great team of trade’s people. The end result looks stunning and the workmanship is fantastic. The house has great presence and looks solid and well built. We are extremely happy with our new home, a big thank you to everyone that helped us achieve our goal.
    Stan and Karyn

    Karyn & Stan
  • Our experience of building with The House Company has been a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’. They listened to us and gave us what we wanted. Everyone went out of their way to make the whole building process as effortless as possible and they succeeded.

    We love our new home and it is everything we could have wished for. We recommend The House Company to anyone who may wish to build.

    Thank you to Hamish, Ellen, Chappie, Paul Griffin, Maria and the other House Company people and their outstanding contractors for building our Dream Home.

    Alastair & Gilly
  • We thank The House Company for our beautiful house. We believe the construction quality is first class and we are very happy with the end result. Thank you.

    Richard & Kerrie Hughes
  • Project Managers both went out of their way to help and advise, the build came in on budget and the whole experience has been great.

    Robert & Cath Purdy
  • We would recommend The House Company to anyone building in the Warkworth and coastal area. We wanted a fixed price contract and Ellen worked with us to deliver exactly that. There were No surprises, communication was outstanding. The House Company fitted around us living in Auckland and visiting the site on weekends or early morning visits. Well done to your team.

    Graham & Anne Catley
  • Dear The House Company,
    A big thankyou to everyone involved in completion of our beautiful home!
    From walking into the showhome and being greeted and guided by Kathy to the weekly meetings with either Hamish, Gary or Paul has been a wonderful experience. The entire team, including your tradesman and contractors have been professional and a pleasure to work with, we won't hesitate to recommend you to people planning to build.
    Thank you for our dream home and a great experience!

    Murray & Stephanie Baird
  • We just wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful experience we have had building our house in Omaha with The House Company.

    From the outset, Suanne’s experience, enthusiasm and assistance in getting the design and detail right was fantastic. Her patience as we came back time and time again for changes was admirable.

    Tracey and Suanne’s input in to all the detail and colour choices was extremely helpful as you never realise how many things there are to choose! We constantly get positive comments on the colours of the house inside and out.

    We also appreciated the time that you and Philip put in to the project in the early days to ease any concerns we had in taking on our first build, as it can be quite daunting. Your experience was helpful and reassuring.

    Greg was a fantastic Project Manager. Having never built a house before, but knowing plenty of people who have, we had heard many stories about the ability of Project Managers at other companies. Greg exceeded all expectations. Whenever he foresaw a situation he would be in touch to get a decision, and his experience and knowledge always made it easy to decide which way to go. As you would expect with any build, there were a couple of small glitches, and he was always on top of getting them fixed and it was never a problem.

    Our dealings with everyone at The House Company have been superb, you have a fantastic team of people and we absolutely LOVE our house. We would not hesitate to recommend The House Company to anyone looking to build, as they will only find a professional company who delivers on what they promise.

    Jill & Russell Davey
  • Having just completed our house we are delighted with the excellent service provided by all the team at The House Company. This was even all the more important as we are living in California and were not on site for any of the building process and all communication was through Skype, email and many photos. We relied on The House Company for their professional opinions and advise us throughout the whole process. Ellen did a wonderful job with the initial process and Greg Heath followed up as an excellent project manager. Both sent us many photos at the various stages of the building. Maria, office manager, was always professional, friendly and prompt with any questions we had. Kathy did an excellent job also with choosing the colours for us, not an easy job with absent clients.
    We would like to congratulate Hamish on his fabulous team and say we thoroughly enjoyed working with them and for making our house building experience as stress free as possible.

    Cindy & Jose Reyes
  • We recommend The House Company to anyone wanting to design and build a new home. Whether building a higher end home, as ours is, or a more modest home, we believe that you will need to travel far and wide to find a team that could outclass The House Company team. They are terrific.

    Terry & Susan Kilmister
  • My wife and I engaged the services of The House Company after checking and viewing various houses and speaking to people who had homes built. We were impressed with the standard of finish and the good vibes of people we spoke to.
    Our finished home is everything we expected and the communications and willingness to meet our requirements exceeded our expectations. Their workmanship is first class. We would unreservedly recommend this company to anyone considering a new home.

    Tony & Kathy Farr
  • Matt Crum was absolutely punctilious in taking us through every aspect of the contract and with the follow-up things. When a change had to be made, he got in specific colour/items for the changes and made sure we were okay with these and signed approval before the work went ahead. We were very impressed with the building process, and in being kept informed by the site foreman. Every time we visited (most weekends) we found the site clean and tidy. We've been telling everyone what a good job was done, and in fact some of our friends have commented very favourably on the quality of workmanship on the house.

    Owen Saunders & Jenny Kirk
  • Thank you all for our beautiful home. We are very impressed with The House Company's work and are delighted that we have the home that we asked for.
    If you want an original Design & Built home The House Company go out of their way to get it designed and built to what you want. We looked at 3 other building companies, who tried hard to adapt their house plans to something we wanted. The House Company listened to what we wanted and then designed the house very close to what we wanted.
    Their team from Sales Manager down to their sub-contractors were very friendly and helpful. They were even helpful with matters which were not related to their work. Their carpenter on the site was very helpful and informative. They are a great team to work with.
    Thank you again for such a great job!

    Dennis & Janis Langman
  • From the second we walked in the door of ‘The House Company’ show home and were met by Kathy, to the moment Lee handed us the keys to our completed new home, we knew we were in the hands of professionals who cared.
    They say building a new home is one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your lifetime, but that’s not the case if you are building with ‘The House Company’ and Lee Greshon is overseeing your build.
    Lee’s attention to detail and his calm, patient manner, often times in the face of my barrage of stress inducing questions, made the whole process an almost seamless exercise. From the day the first sod was turned to the day of handover, nothing has been too much trouble.
    We love our new home and we’d definitely build again with ‘The House Company’.

    Toni Kenyon
  • "Just a quick note to say thank you all very much for the pressie you kindly gave us for Tahora.

    Love the candles and desperately needed a decent wooden board so well thought out, hun!

    In LOVE with the bach, Andrew and I on a total high now, can’t wait to get back there again for a few days of tree and shrub planting on Wed or Thurs.

    Please call in a have a wine with us sometime over the weekend, as I said we are there for rest of the week and would love to see you.

    Ellen, thank you once again for your assistance and expertise with this project. You, Phil and Paul have made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. We will be definitely recommending The House Company to anyone thinking of building in the area thanks to the positive experience you have given us.

    Many thanks!

    Fiona Houghton & Andrew Lamb
  • "We are delighted to provide a reference for The House Company. We have built a new property on a high challenging site. Andrew Boyd worked with us to encompass all aspects of the building, including drainage, water and electricity. A lot of work went on behind the scenes which we would not have been able to handle on our own. Once consent was issued work started fairly promptly and continued at a good pace until completion. There was very little downtime. We especially liked the welcoming courteous approach exhibited by all members of The House Company we came across. We would not hesitate to recommend The House Company to anyone wishing to build."

    Damian & Catrina Moody
  • “I am sure that the Home Consultant, Andrew Boyd, went beyond the demands of the job to ensure client satisfaction (This included providing a babysitter at the site on one occasion). He listened so well that after the meeting with the Consultant and the Architect and I, the concept plan only needed slight modification (to take the shower unit we had selected). It was at this point we began to think we might get what we wanted. We provided a list of all the things wanted at the initial meeting and at the end of the build gave it back to them with everything checked off.
    I believe that the contract we were provided with made it easy for all concerned. It was so thorough I used it on a day to day basis as a check list about what was happening on site and when the accounts came in.”

    Allan & Susan Steedman
  • "Very pleasant and obliging Company to deal with, any problems sorted with minimal fuss."

    Warren & Shiree Boyce Bacon
  • "Now that the House has been completed both myself and Mary would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the completion of the contract of our home at Omaha.
    The overall process in dealing with The House Company made the project run very smoothly from the time of discussions for concept plans with Andrew Boyd through to the construction with your Project Manager Greg Heath to the final handover with General Manager Hamish McArthur, late last year.
    Overall it was a pleasure dealing with everyone at The House Company from internal staff through to your Project Management staff.
    Contract coordinating was handled exceptionally well through Greg Heath and the organisation of sub trades was very very good. The overall standard in the finishing was of a very high standard and we were very very pleased with the final outcome as it was pretty well what we thought we would achieve and gain at the end of the Contract.
    The after sales process is a credit to The House Company,in dealing with the main three we dealt with during the Contract, Andrew Boyd, Greg Heath and Kimberley Markham.
    We would also be very happy at any time to recommend your Company to any prospective Client to use your services in the construction of any home. Finally it was with great pleasure that you asked Mary and I to enter our home in the Master Builders Home of the year awards and look forward to dealing with you over the next few months during that process and trust a fantastic outcome is arrived at later this year."

    Dave & Mary Fielding
  • "Andrew Boyd was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Greg Heath was likewise. We had great confidence in both of them and found the whole experience not as stressful as we had feared."

    Alan & Maxine Ringwood
  • "We are very pleased with the end result and you have exceeded our expectations in both the care and attention during the building process, and the conception of the design to suit our requirements. We would be happy to recommend you to any other prospective client."

    Steve & Dot Wynne
  • "Good communication and honest, obviously working towards giving us the house we wanted. Excellent clear service from the Home Consultant."

    Peter & Lynne Staub
  • "Excellent job - we think The House Company rocks!!! Matt, Scottie, Henry and the rest of the team that worked on our home did an amazing job. We are more than happy and very proud to call this our home and sing praises for The House Company to any and all who will listen."

    Brad & Susan McKegg
  • "We would like to pass on our thanks and appreciation to all of the people we dealt with in your company for the way the entire project was handled. It has been a pleasure dealing with The House Company. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective customer."

    Barry Darroch, Darroch Properties Ltd
  • The help we received when planning and costing our Dream Home was outstanding. The finished home is great, a quality build. We are enjoying settling into our new home.

    Neil & Claire Kelly
  • "All House Company personnel were excellent to deal with and went out of their way to help us through the building process."

    Peter Port & Heather Glen
  • We are enjoying our beautiful large one storey home that you built for us. A custom design enabled us to build a home that suited our needs and wants as a family with four children. Often, it is difficult to find a home with six bedrooms! Lee, our building manager was extremely professional and competent. Hamish & Philip were also approachable when our concerns were raised. Many thanks to Kathy and Nina for the many hours they spent with us during the custom design process and finalising our decisions. We are the proud owners of a unique new home.

    Justin & Heather O'Malley
  • “Your Home Consultant, Andrew Boyd, especially made the whole process very enjoyable and very much at ease. His personal and sales skills are very high….not over board, always listening…I would deal with him again wherever he worked. The Construction Manager, Greg Heath, is great at his job, great listener and educator, and knows his stuff…willing to listen and then solve anything that comes up. The two make a great team, plus we realise there are a lot of other support people as well, so great Company….very big family feeling. Overall very good communication and getting back to us on every occasion within a good time frame. Greg was very informative and a great help with making us understand and his listening on site was very good.
    Great that both Andrew and Greg were there to hand over keys, as it felt like a joint effort….rather than here they are go for it….they made time to go through material given, even a whole new spec book given and helpful hints…so very pleased. A great effort, and thank you so much from all of us.

    Chris & Leanne Chong
  • "Dave Smith your Home Consultant had a really intense interest in our project. He tried to find things like pictures to show us what he was describing about features in other houses which he thought may have had an interest to us. Amazing service and that is for everyone. A very onto it team and we were never left hanging."

    John & Maureen
  • “I had no intention of building at all! Far too many hassles and I had been told it was an extremely stressful process. I was very pleased to find it all went so smoothly and only ran 1 week over due to bad weather. I would definitely build again and highly recommend The House Company.”

    Anne Shimmin
  • The House Company have delivered a high quality home, with attention to detail, on budget and on time.
    With a personal background in construction, we were not likely to be the easiest clients to deal with. We chose The House Company as we knew from experience quality comes before quantity. The construction process always has up's and down's but ultimately we have been thoroughly impressed with the overall process and would be happy to recommend The House Company to friends & family.

    Martin Hill & Sarah Fifield
  • Some 9 years ago we commissioned The House Company to build our new home never dreaming that we would have any issues with product in the years to come. Fortunately for us when we experienced a product failure The House Company where there for us 110%, we only had to give them a call for them to jump into action. The House Company came and inspected the problem we where experiencing, and immediately took control of the situation, completing the partial recladd or our home in a timely and efficient manner. They turned what could have been an expensive and stressful time into a low key situation; we are so pleased that we chose a company such as The House Company to build our home, very few builders would have been there for us or fixed the problem so promptly and with such efficiency making it all a distant memory now. Thanks to The House Company we can relax and enjoy our home with no stress or worry.

    Stephen & Jenny Howard
  • It is with pleasure that we write this letter of appreciation for the way in which The House Company undertook our holiday house project.
    From the initial contact and first site visit with Philip through to the handover of the completed house we found the experience to be stress free, easy and fun.
    When design concepts were presented to us any alterations and modifications we required were completed quickly and without fuss and the entire process of designing the house were collaborative.
    The whole construction team (under the masterful project management of Greg) worked with an integrity that gave us complete confidence in the project moving forward at as quick a pace as possible and with the highest standards of workmanship. The holiday house is over an hour away from our home so we would only site visit every 3 or 4 weeks and on each of these visits we found the site was left in an impressively tidy manor.
    This for us was a budget driven project and The House Company came up with solutions that stayed within that budget but didn’t in any way compromise the completed build, we are very happy with the end result!
    We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending The House Company to anyone planning to undertake a build project.

    Tony Elwin & Neil Evans
  • I have to say that from a build perspective, apart from a few hiccups it has been a pleasure to build with The House Company. Right from the beginning when we started with Nina, and that was some time before Timberland Drive became available, Nina listened to what we were looking for and came up with this site and a proposal, which we then proceeded to change all over the place until it became a design and build and not a turnkey project.

    Nina was wonderful with all her help and Kathy too assisted when Nina was not available or unsure. Lee has been outstanding as a project manager and nothing has ever been too much trouble, even when I think sometimes he must have wanted to yell with frustration. The quality of the build has been superb with very little requiring a re-work.

    In the accounts section you Deborah, have always been most helpful and Steve and Dave have been great when we have asked for alternative pricing. Thank you also for moving the lamp post from the middle of the driveway. I can now drive into the garage without wrapping my car around a lamp post.

    We would recommend THC to friends.

    David & Debra Brokenshire