The brief

Special features in a house

We encourage our clients to work with our designers  ensuring their personality is displayed throughout there home. Often this means using unique products and materials to use in their home. This home in particular our clients had a background in sailing and so along with the environment their section was in, they wanted this represented in the home. They also had a feature door made by a friend.



The draftsperson created a curve in the end wall representing a sail in a boat. This wasn’t the only reason for the curved wall, the design needed to turn its back on the brick constructed homes in a nearby subdivision without loosing the easterly aspects of the view.


client supplied feature door


Client feedback


“Becky and I selected THC based on the uniqueness and quality of the Warkworth show home.  THC built us a beautiful home that is completely unique.  They were more than willing to accept that we had exacting standards for fittings and fixtures and worked well with us to allow our supply process.  Having exacting and professional Design Consultants and Project Mangers made the process flow” Chris & Becky Swan


Curved end in construction

completed cedar curve