White or White?

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Love the idea of a white interior but unsure of which white paint to use?  Well you’re not alone, open any paint deck fandeck up and the options seem endless.

Most ‘whites’ usually have a tint in them which affect the feel of a room.  Consider existing items such as furnishings or joinery, these might steer you to a warm white or a cool white.  Yellow based whites, such as Resene Half Spanish White can add visual warmth to a room.  A hint of taupe in Resene White Pointer provides an elegant take on a white scheme.  Resene Double Black White is a greyed white lending itself well to a cooler scheme.  Resene Wan White has a faint ‘greige’ background, warmer than grey and banging on trend at the moment.  If you are wanting a pure white then ask for white paint that has no tint added.

If you are thinking of using the same white on the walls and ceiling, keep in mind the ceiling will look slightly darker than the walls as it has less light reflecting off it.  For that reason I usually recommend a half or quarter tint of the wall colour.

Im a big fan of using a crisp white such as Resene Quarter Black White on skirtings throughout a house.  As this enables you to transition rooms with a sense of continuity and is compatible with almost any wall colour which allows different coloured walls to flow from room to room.

Testpots are invaluable allowing you to see your selected colour institu, move them around the room and take time to view them over different times of the day.  As furnishings, natural light and artificial light can affect how you view the colour in each room.

Heres some images to show that white paint is anything but boring.