Cedar is such a popular choice for cladding. In New Zealand, we commonly use Western Red Cedar which is imported from North America, and the most popular three cedar finishes Natural timber look, Weathered timber look, and black stain.


Its popularity continues because of a few reasons:

  1. It doesn’t warp when exposed to moisture.

  2. Its resistance to temperature is high, whereas temperature commonly causes pine to split.

  3. It is naturally resistant to to rot and insect damage.

  4. Smells great and looks beautiful!


What is the difference between Stained and painted cedar?

Stain is the way to go when it comes to cedar. Why pay a premium for the beauty of timber, and cover it with paint? While paint only coats the surface of the wood, stain works in partnership with one of cedar’s basic features. The stain allows the grain of the timber to show through to its transparent nature. Stain also has fungicides for mould resistance.


What is the on going maintenance like with cedar?

As Cedar is a natural product, different environmental conditions can affect the maintenance requirements. Cedar is best when  cleaned it at least once a year with a mild detergent and water. Just don’t use a high pressure washer; cedar is soft and a high pressure washer can damage it. Maintenance is simply a matter of cleaning and recoating in stain as required, colour fade and loss of ability to ‘bead’ water are good indicators.


What different profiles are there?

  1. Shiplap (Horizontal or Vertical

  2. Bevel back

  3. Rusticated

  4. Board and Batten

Have a look below at some cedar weatherboards on some of our recently completed homes, we hope this makes the topic of cedar a bit easier to make decisions around!

Olivia Afeaki